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Sorce's Backlog: Third Time's the Charm

Life is Strange: Before the Storm
They tried really hard, you guys. Tried so hard to get you to like this game. It stars notorious shit-kicker Chloe (but voiced by someone who isn't Ashly Burch, whoops)! It may also involve super-powers (kind of maybe, but not really)! It's a prequel so things are the same, but different (with no framing device so you can actually play it before the first game and not get spoiled)! There's a prequel inside the prequel so that you can have one last adventure with Max and Chloe (only in the special edition)!

But yeah. It's not a bad game, BtS is pretty solid, but it never quite reaches the heights of the original. This is also proved with the Max and Chloe goodbye chapter, which kinda blows the actual game out of the water. The third act is... well a lot happens, but at the same time, a lot that maybe should have happened, didn't. Stem to stern I beat it in under 11 hours, and spent less than $5 on it, and I'm not even mad. I enjoyed the time I spent on it, but it was not the follow-up homerun that it clearly wanted (or at least thought itself) to be.

I would be interested in watching someone play through this and the original Life is Strange in chronological order though, just to see how they'd react.
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