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Forum Announcement: WE'RE BAAAAAACK!!!

After what seems like forever, our little community is back online with a fresh start!

On a personal note:

Those who have been following my journey over the last few years will no doubt understand both the reasons it took so long to get the site back online, and the reasons I couldn't bring the old forum, posts, and user accounts back.

Your humble admin lost most of his life when he left Kentucky and limped back to his home state of Texas.  That included some devices that had backups of our old forum's files and databases.  That loss combined with the perils of Real Life ™ is why I've waited so long to bring the site back online.  When you've lost everything (seriously, you guys have no idea) it takes a certain level of determination and motivation to get moving again.

So anyway, welcome back and feel free to re-register, post,  and make suggestions!
We're using the default MyBB theme for now, but you guys know that will change to something more fitting soon!