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ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) In Vista

Network Map
The HP & My Computer are downstairs, otherwise they'd be hardwired and I wouldn't have this problem.

I'm running Vista Ultimate x86 on my machine right now (i've only got 2gb of RAM, i see no need to have x64 until I get more) and until yesterday, wasn't having any issues with ICS. I went to hop onto my 360 and noticed i had not internet on it, and that my regular xbox wasn't seeing my computer, but my computer had internet and functioning just fine. I then noticed that my LAN connection was limited, normally it says local access only, so obviously it thinks there's an ip address conflict. tried restarting my computer, switching to my other LAN port, cycled the switch, cycled the router & modem, un-sharing and re-sharing internet, and tried my 24-port server switch. I didn't change any settings, and it was working fine earlier that day, no updates installed from when it was working and stopped working. I have tried everything that I could think of so far, and i wasn't able to find much online, unless overlooked something.

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