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vBulletin upgrade coming to GameBeat... brief downtime expected.

Sometime within the next day or three we will be taking GAMEBEAT offline for a vBulletin upgrade. During this time members may experience 'access denied' messages, 'forum offline' messages, or encrypted transmissions from alien spacecraft.

Downtime should be brief - around half an hour at the very most. We will try and perform the update late at night so as not to interrupt anyone's activities here in our community. Smile


Son of a $^%&...

We don't be doing an upgrade for awhile. Why? Because I just discovered that back in June Jelsoft (the makers of vBulletin) raised the price of members area access to $60. So if I want to renew our ability to download upgrades from the members area at it will cost me $60... I don't have that to spare right now. Sad

Ahh well, maybe next month. :p

OMG.... They killed good prices...
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