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Titan Quest: Ragnarok expansion released!

Holy crap! Talk about a surprise for the holidays!

THQNordic (who got the leftover properties after Iron Lore was dissolved and THQ went bankrupt) announced a renewed development on the original Titan Quest and it's expansion, Immortal Throne back in 2016. Those of us who love the game were treated to new graphical updates and tweaks, gameplay fixes, tweaked and fixed spells, and loads more including WORKING MULTIPLAYER years after the original Gamespy system went offline.

Well unbeknownst to me (and apparently lots of other fans), THQNordic have been working on a surprise! A BRAND NEW EXPANSION! Yesterday, Titan Quest: Ragnarok was released upon the land and it's going to be one hell of a great Christmas for a lot of us loyal fans of the game! A completely new expansion with a new landscape, new quests, new rewards, and more!


They're celebrating by discounting the expansion 25% off this weekend on Steam!


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