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Site move... COMPLETE!

After several years with Site5 I was forced to leave them due to the constant downtime over the last two weeks - which was itself because of the widespread attacks on Wordpress sites across the internet.

Site5's solution to the Wordpress attacks was tantamount to blocking all HTTP traffic until the 'attack' subsided and after almost two weeks that solution irritated the heck out of me and some of my paid web hosting and web design clients. It became so bad that I was put into the position of finding new hosting or losing at least one of my clients (along with my sanity).

Yesterday I procured a VPS (Virtual Private Server) which gives us our own virtualized box on a non-oversold high end server. We now have fair use of 4 cores on a high-end Xeon system and a good chunk of RAM - plenty enough to serve our websites and services MUCH faster than before.

As with any move of this nature it will take a few days for things to settle - namely waiting on DNS caches to finish updating and doing lots of performance tuning to our backend. I ask for your patience as I complete this process.

So far everything's looking awesome... but please let me know if you find something broken!


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