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EYE CANDY: Fractal Deisgn Arc-Midi Computer Case

My new computer case!

[Image: DSC_5866-2.jpg]

[Image: DSC_5865-2.jpg]

I can't believe I didn't see this thread back when you posted it in October... my only excuse is I'm so used to no one ever fucking posting that I never even look in any forum but the lobby anymore. :p

Very nice... what does the front bezel look like and how much did it cost?

I should probably post updated pictures of this as I now have a single 680 and my Sound Blaster Z in there, and managed to the clean the cables up more.

Das Newegg Link

I picked it up on sale for $60 or $70 i believe.

Ok, so I had pictures of before I put my Sound Blaster Z in, I really don't feel like tearing down my case just to get that included.

[Image: DSC_8216_thumb.jpg]

[Image: DSC_8219_thumb.jpg]

I should notate that I absolutely love this case and even at the $110 it is currently priced, it's totally worth every penny. The amount of fans you can put in, the room behind the motherboard for cable management and the hdd space is awesome.

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