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Poll: Which Path Should I Take?
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Build it, you're a geek, man!
3 100.00%
Dude, you're getting a Dell!
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Total 3 vote(s) 100%
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Decisions, decisions...

It's nearing time for an upgrade (read: it's time, just need $$) and I'm debating getting new individual parts or just biting the bullet and getting a Dell. The Dell would be a bit more expensive, but I'd basically be buying it for the "hassle-free" tech support/return ability; specs-wise, the two computers would essentially be the same. The only real difference would be the Dell would not have an SSD, but the home-built would.

So, since I'm on the fence, I'm putting it up to vote: Home-Built or Dell?
Thundercracker: ASRock H97M-ITXac Motherboard//Intel Core i7-4790K Processor @ 4.0GHz//16GB G.Skill PC3-12800//GIGABYTE RTX 2070 Super//Onboard 7.1 Sound//Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD//Lite-On DVD-RW//Fractal Design Focus G Case//24" Asus VH242H and 20" HP w2007 Monitors//Win10 Pro 64-Bit

No fucking question about it. Build the damn thing.

I don't care how 'good' people say Dell is, anything you build yourself is going to be better.

If I live to be a hundred years old you better believe I'll still be building my own even then. (I won't live to be half that, lol)

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