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BBPiX Revamp!

[Image: bbpix_main_logo.png] (our FREE image hosting service) is finally undergoing some cosmetic changes to make the site more visually appealing! During this time of change you may notice a few quirks with the colors - rest assured I'm working to get everything fixed up as soon as possible.

Celerondude made a great uploader, but this weird half-assed attempt at making all the CSS centralized has made things a pain in the buttkiss for me. I can't complain though, after all the uploader was free. :-)

You may also notice that we've implemented Google AdSense ad banners on the site - it only makes sense that we should get some money back from this venture to help pay the hosting bills.

It's so fluffy!!!!!! lol

Looks very Good Jason, I like that it matches our forum theme. Has he been working on a new version?
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