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BBPIX page load delay - Solution

I've had a few people email me with complaints that BBPix is slow to load the Upload page. After some investigation I've discovered that this is due to having a large amount of files in your home directory (the default upload folder).

The solution for this is to start using FOLDERS (aka subdirectories) when you upload files. Our BBPix uploader gives you the ability to create folders under your home directory to store and organize your files and we highly suggest you take advantage of this ability, even on a rudimentary level.

For example I generally upload pictures to a folder I named '2010', quite simply this is for miscellaneous files and pictures that I've uploaded in the year 2010. It's simple, effective, and keeps all those files out of my home folder.

Creating folders and uploading to them is fairly simple with BBPix, but if you need further explanation please let me know and I'll be glad to post a tutorial or something.

Anyway we hope you continue to use and enjoy - our FREE file and image hosting service - over eight years strong!

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