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Free video converter software package!

Saw this in the [H]ardOCP Free Stuff forum and tried it out and the software appears to work VERY well and has a TON of options.

gn0me Wrote:

Get a free fully licensed copy of Wondershare Video Converter ($65 value) until Sep 25th, 2010

Go to the page linked, become a fan if you aren't already.
Enter email and name in the box that unlocks after becoming a fan
Click on the "Get the Key Code" button.

The email should show up with a license key if you put in a valid email address.

When you open the software and go to register with the license key you received, you input the email address included in the email as the License email.

I have done all of these steps, installed the software and did all the usual scans. The software came up clean and seems legit. Only thing to be concerned about is being added to an email list. The software seems to work well and will convert video for pretty much any of the popular devices out there. Including the newer Android devices like the Droid X or EVO.

Go get it now. No, don't wait... I said NOW. I've tried the software out and it's really neat stuff! It even has CUDA support so if you have an Nvidia card it will use your GPU to help render the output file even faster!

Grabbed it, though I have no use for it as of now.
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I keep getting a Input error when I click Get Key Code.


worked finally. Joys, curiuos to see what my laptop can do with it, being an i7 720QM and a Nvidia GTS 360M. Smile
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Downloaded, I'll try it out tomorrow.
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