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Downtime Tomorrow Morning (9/15/2010)

GameBeat will be offline for brief periods early in the morning on September 15th, 2010 while we perform a complete backup and upgrade our forum software.

Actual downtime should be limited to no more than an hour, but you may be greeted with the default vBulletin styleset depending on which templates need to be reverted.

Upgrade completed a few hours sooner than I planned. I had to revert about 60 custom templates so there may be some pages that look wonky until I can fix them.

Things to fix:
  • front page / news page currently offline - VBA_CMPS needs reinstall. - FIXED
  • AME (Video embedding) plugin needs reinstalled and has been disabled until I have time to address it. - FIXED
  • The Image Resizer dynamic image resizing plugin needs template additions and has been disabled for the time being. - FIXED
  • NavBar reverted, dynamic front page link code needs re-added to the template. - FIXED

Front page fixed, Smilies fixed, and we now have a working strike through bbCode after lord knows how long without one.

Automatic Media Embedding is now installed and functional once again, now with a newer version. Still working out the proper pixel dimension so widescreen videos will show up without black bars on the sides but that should be sorted soon! Smile


The video embedding plugin is now optimized for widescreen format videos (16:9) and these should show up with no black bars at the sides or top/bottom. 3:2 aka 'fullscreen' aspect ratio videos will have black bars at the sides.


Image resizer has been fixed, or more accurately it has been replaced with a different script I'm trying out. This one uses a lightbox type javascript that's pretty slick. Let me know what you think...

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