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Portal 2 Co-Op game video!

Some videos of Portal 2's co-op multiplayer mode are escaping the PAX 2010 event and making it onto the web!

[ame=""]YouTube- Portal 2 Co-Op Gameplay Part 1 - PAX 2010[/ame]

Portal 2 is the sequel to the surprise hit 3D platform puzzler "Portal" which was included with Valve's Orange Box package back when Half-Life 2: Episode 2 was released. Originally just a 'bonus freebie', Portal took on a surprising life of it's own shortly after it's release and is now hailed as one of the best first person games of all time.

Portal 2 brings you back to Aperture Science's training facility some time after the events of the original game. All signs point to Portal 2 offering a much longer and more enriching gaming experience which if anything like the first game will not be dissapointing!

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