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EYE CANDY: Redneck engineered GTX 280 cooling!

So I discovered recently that my launch day EVGA Nvidia Geforce GTX 280 was suffering from the overheating problem that plagued so many of the first revision cards. Symptoms were that within a few minutes of stress testing the core temperatures would shoot past 100 degrees Celsius and the card would begin to either throttle or artifact.

Unfortunately my card isn't covered by the "lifetime" warranty EVGA so proudly and prominently advertises. Why? Because I didn't register my newly purchased card within the 30 day deadline (it was more like 60 days) and so I got a 1 year warranty. Sad MAKE SURE TO REGISTER YOUR CARDS AS SOON AS YOU PURCHASE THEM, FOLKS!

So left without any solutions nor any help from EVGA I decided to take matters into my own hands. I absolutely cannot afford to replace this card right now. A solution had to be found. Surely a redneck geek like me armed with tons of different fans and a fistfull of zip ties could come up with a way to cool this bad boy down!

I present to you my redneck Geforce GTX 280 cooler!

-- Removing the original cooler and cleaning the GPU --

[Image: 034_thumb.jpg][Image: 036_thumb.jpg][Image: 037_thumb.jpg][Image: 038_thumb.jpg][Image: 041_thumb.jpg][Image: 042_thumb.jpg][Image: 043_thumb.jpg][Image: 045_thumb.jpg][Image: 047_thumb.jpg][Image: 049_thumb.jpg][Image: 050_thumb.jpg]

-- The world's first GTX280 hovercraft! --

[Image: 008_thumb.jpg][Image: 014_thumb.jpg][Image: 015_thumb.jpg][Image: 016_thumb.jpg][Image: 017_thumb.jpg]


[ame=""]YouTube- TheGeekRedneck - 7-21-2010 - Overheating EVGA GTX 280[/ame]

[ame=""]YouTube- TheGeekRedneck - Thermonuclear GTX 280 Cooling[/ame]

What'd the temps drop down to with that beast of a thing?

Overwheat Wrote:What'd the temps drop down to with that beast of a thing?

Videos added to the original post!

Before modification it was going to 110 degrees celsius before the card would start to throttle and artifact. Idle temps were around 58C.

Now under the same load it tops out at 78 - 79C and idles at a cool 41-43C.

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