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Mozilla Firefox 4.-0 beta 1 released!

This morning the crew at Mozilla released Firefox 4 beta 1 upon an unsuspecting public!

Firefox 4 is the newest iteration in a long line of tough non-bloated alternative web browsing solutions providing a more secure and stable experience over that of Microsoft's own Internet Explorer. This new version features a completely rewritten rendering engine and from my own experiences sofar it's BLAZING FAST - easily as fast as Google Chrome. Firefox 4 also adds HTML5 support, more security, and the somewhat controversial new 'integrated tabs' user interface (which can be reverted in the settings menu).

The Geek Redneck really likes it. Give it a try!

Remember, as is the tradition with all Mozilla betas - Firefox 4 beta 1 does NOT overwrite your current version of Firefox. Instead it installs to it's own seperate directory and imports settings, history, and cookies from your currently installed version of Firefox. This lets you switch between the new Firefox 4 and your previous version at your whim.

Remember, this is a beta, folks. Some things could be glitchy, the browser could crash unexpectedly, it could even go crazy and kill your new puppy. Please report any issues you find to Mozilla so that they can be investigated and fixed before the final release version.

I had to stop using it... for some reason it wouldn't let the Windows 7 taskbar pop up and it was driving me nuts.

It was bloody fast though, noticably faster than Firefox 3.6.6

I'll wait for the official release, since I'm too lazy to check if my add-ons are compatible.
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Sorce Wrote:I'll wait for the official release, since I'm too lazy to check if my add-ons are compatible.

VERY few add-ons are compatable with FF4 due to the rewrite of the rendering engine. Guess that will change as we get closer to RC status.

I have had zero issues with it so far, I only use two add-ons which work perfectly (ad block plus and flash got). Although I like the stylish look with the menu bar disabled, but not having the minimize/expand/close option at the top right made me enable it, hopefully they'll put it in the final version.

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