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[Drivers] ATi's Catalyst 10.3a

ATi has released the Beta version of their next Catalyst Drivers (named 10.3 Preview Driver) on their "underground" site, found here.

People are calling this the "Holy Crap!" driver, for the boosts in performance they've been getting in games such as DiRT2, AvP, and Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.; or because the driver metaphorically hosed their system and they had to roll back. :p

For those waiting on the WHQL drivers, those are rumored to be out next week, but will not contain the improvements that these so-called "Preview Drivers" have; my guess is that they'll be in the 10.4s though, since it'd be pretty dumb not to include them on WHQLs at some point in the near future.

I've already installed them and they have been running quite nice for me, and DiRT2 is looking faaaabulous.

Get you some!
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Working great for me, even improved performance in WoW a little bit.
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