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An interesting bbCode you might not know about...

Some of you might not be aware of the NOPARSE tags that were added to vBulletin a few years ago, so I thought I'd clue you in.

The NOPARSE vbCode tags tell vBulletin (our forum software) not to parse anything inside the tags - that goes for other bbcode, smilies, image links, etc.

The best way is to show an example - for instance let's say you wanted to show someone how to use the IMG code to embed images in the forum post. Let's use a link to our site logo as an example. Well you can't just normally type [noparse][Image: gamebeat_mainlogo.gif][/noparse] because the forum would automatically replace that text with:
[Image: gamebeat_mainlogo.gif]

But if you wrap that in the NOPARSE tags like so:

[noparse][noparse][Image: gamebeat_mainlogo.gif][/noparse][/noparse]

Then the forum won't parse the IMG bbcode (or anything else inside the NOPARSE tags), it would disoplay like this:

[noparse][Image: gamebeat_mainlogo.gif][/noparse]

Pretty nifty huh?

Watch this... the entire text below is wrapped in NOPARSE tags:

[noparse]SmileSad:confused::mad::pWinkBig Grin:oRolleyes [Image: adspace_background.gif] Yahoo![spoiler][/spoiler][html][/html]

What would the above look like if I hadn't wrapped it in NOPARSE tags?

SmileSad:confused::mad::pWinkBig Grin:oRolleyes [Image: adspace_background.gif] Yahoo!

Get it? It's a handy little bbCode!

awsome. and thanks for letting me know. Wink
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