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Geek Eye Candy: EVGA GTX280 unboxing and install!

WARNING: This is an eye candy thread only. It's mainly pictures of my new EVGA GTX280, if you can't handle the fact that I simply wanted to share some eye candy with the rest of the forum then please move on to the next thread. Some of us like to show off our toys...

(I added the above disclaimer after some asshat chastised me for my last eye candy thread)

So I got my new EVGA GTX280 (Vanilla) from Newegg and I snapped some pictures for you guys while I was unboxing and installing. Enjoy and feel free to ask questions!

What's in da' box?
[Image: vidcards-014_thumb.jpg]

Y hallo thar, buttsex?
[Image: vidcards-017_thumb.jpg][Image: vidcards-018_thumb.jpg]
[Image: vidcards-019_thumb.jpg]

Quick start guide, CD, other papers
[Image: vidcards-020_thumb.jpg][Image: vidcards-021_thumb.jpg]

Cool new EVGA case badge, beats the old crappy round stickers they used to give out.
[Image: vidcards-022_thumb.jpg]

The card wrapped snugly in an anti-static bag, and all the accessories. I'm dissapointed that EVGA still hasn't started including HDMI adapters yet.
[Image: vidcards-023_thumb.jpg]

Make sure you remove the clear plastic film from the stickers on your card! Lots of people don't realize this is there. Your card's stickers should be SHINY and not dull looking, if they look dull then you need to pull the film off. This is kind of like the film you find on new LCD screens, watches, cellphones, etc. It's meant to protect the card in shipping and handling and is NOT meant to stay on the card during normal operation.

Sexy card shots!
[Image: vidcards-024_thumb.jpg][Image: vidcards-025_thumb.jpg]
[Image: vidcards-026_thumb.jpg][Image: vidcards-027_thumb.jpg]
[Image: vidcards-028_thumb.jpg][Image: vidcards-029_thumb.jpg]
[Image: vidcards-030_thumb.jpg][Image: vidcards-031_thumb.jpg]
[Image: vidcards-032_thumb.jpg][Image: vidcards-033_thumb.jpg]
[Image: vidcards-034_thumb.jpg]

Here is my old setup, 2x 9800GTX in SLI. Worked awesome in games that supported SLI, but I wanted a single card solution so in comes the GTX280!
[Image: vidcards-035_thumb.jpg]

Size comparison shot; 9800GTX on top, GTX280 on bottom. The cards are the exact same length, but the GTX280 is slightly thicker. The GTX280 is noticeably heavier than the 9800GTX when held in one's hands.
[Image: vidcards-036_thumb.jpg]

GTX280 installed!
[URL=""] [Image: vidcards-038_thumb.jpg]

My observations sofar:

I had such a busy day today that I really didn't have time to put the card through it's paces. I did fire up Furmark for about ten minutes, and all I have to say is JESUS this thing runs hot. After ten minutes I was approaching the 90C mark and the fan was running full blast. I put my hand at the back of the case where the card exhausts and it felt just like one of those hand dryers in a public restroom.

Nvidia DEFINITELY needs to devote more of it's R&D time to beefing up efficiency and manufacturing on a smaller process. I hope the 55nm refresh runs markedly cooler than the current GTX280, and thank god fall/winter is almost here because I've got a nice space heater now. Big Grin Seriously. I've got a portable space heater that doesn't put out this much heat. No joke. Touching the side or back of the card for more than 1 - 2 seconds was impossible, it's that damned hot. It seems totally stable under furmark though, I'll run it through some Crysis and GRID tomorrow.

Now the second PCIE slot on my mobo is calling to me.... like the old dude in the movie Contact said: "Why buy one when you can buy two at twice the price?" ..... Wink

lol, I used to use my computer as a space heater, but then again it sounded like a Jet ready to take off with the Vantec 92mm Tornado in it. Big Grin

By the way, is it just me or are video cards getting bigger? I mean damn that's one big ass cooler. I guess by 2010 we have a Vid card that'll take up a whole server room. :p
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P
CPU: Intel Q9650 @ 3.60GHz (9x400MHz)
Ram: 8GB OCZ Reaper PC2-1066
Video: EVGA GTX560 Ti SC 2GB @ 900/1800/2004 Heart
Sephiroth - Rog Strix Hero III G731GU
[Image: g1glk1-6.png]


It's definitely huge, it's pretty much the maximum length allowed by the ATX specs.

It was so heavy that I had to support it with one hand while I put the screws in the backplate, otherwise it would have broken the slot. Guess that means there is a lot more metal under all that plastic shell.

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