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REMINDER: Downtime tonight/tomorrow

Just a reminder that we will be transitioning to a new webhost late tonight and into tomorrow morning. During this time you may experience 'server is offline', 'page cannot be found', and 'the forum is offline' messages as well as page timeouts. This is normal during the DNS transition and things should be back to normal tomorrow afternoon.

This outage will also affect BBPix, our free image hosting service.

Our new hosting is provided by Site5, a fairly reputable source of shared hosting that bucks the trend of overcrowding underpowered servers. It's our hope that they will serve our small community well in the future months.


Team GameBeat

So far things are going great here at our new home. I've been very pleased with the shared hosting provided by Site5 and would recommend them for your web hosting needs.

In the meantime BBPix users should note that the single file upload size limit has been lowered to a more managable size instead of the insane (like 128MB) size limits I had set before. This had to be done for practical reasons since we are no longer on our own server and it would be impolite to hog server CPU processing such large uploads.

Feel free to upload to your heart's content, just in 15MB chunks from now on. Wink

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