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We're moving again (Dedicated server cancellation)

I just sent in the cancellation notice on our current dedicated server. Sad

Relax... GameBeat won't be going the way of the dodo or anything, I'll be moving it to a more cost effective shared hosting account as soon as I can find a good reliable host. Our current web server should stay online until the end of the month so I do have some time.

Don't read anything into this as this doesn't reflect the status of GameBeat - I'm simply downsizing because I will be moving into MY OWN HOUSE very soon. My rent will be more expensive and something frivelous had to give - and that was the dedicated server.

If any of you have a suggestion of a good CHEAP shared web host please let me know. Low price and reliability are most important to me.

I suggest Godaddy hosting. unlimited space and bandwidth for 14.99 a month. I have yet to have a problem.

Ohh and last I knew they gave free domain registration and free SSL cert with your order for 1 year. Blah Blah.Smile
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