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Automated backup procedure now in place for GameBeat and BBPix!

I've just completed implementing an automatic backup system for GAMEBEAT and BBPix and wanted to make our users aware that this system is now functional.

Bi-Weekly backups are now made of the GAMEBEAT database and associated PHP, image, and content files. These backups occur at 4:30AM on Sunday and Wednesday mornings and usually take only a minute or two to complete.

Weekly backups are now made of BBPix user accounts and uploaded files. These backups occur at 4:00AM on Sunday mornings each week and usually take a few minutes to complete depending on the amount of data we're hosting at the time.

Should you actually be surfing the GAMEBEAT forums at the time of backup you may experience slower than usual performance or even 'Forum is offline for maintenance' messages which are nothing to be alarmed about.

These backup procedures have been put into place due to several recent issues we've had with data loss from our current dedicated server lease. We want our community and it's content to be safe from now on and automated backups help us ensure that safety without human intervention.

Our offsite backup hosting supplier went tits up, so if any of you know where I can get a couple gigs of FTP space for free please let me know.

Nox Wrote:Our offsite backup hosting supplier went tits up, so if any of you know where I can get a couple gigs of FTP space for free please let me know.
all ya had to do is ask. Wink

I have unlimted space and bandwidth, so lemme know and I'll PIF you some FTP access.
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