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Replacing my 2x Crucial M4s with 2x Crucial MX100s...

Neocorteqz Wrote:damn that is sexy.

I'm not going SSD till I finally build a new puter. my 4 year old rig has seen a lot. But still has the random reboots when I shut down. I think it's a power supply issue, or the mobo doesn't like me any more.

It's a motherboard issue most likely. Gigabyte boards seem to be plagued with power down and cold boot issues. My own Z68XP-UD3 often times will ping-pong between the backup BIOS and the main BIOS on a cold boot, drives me crazy because it will power cycle like two or three times. Other times it boots right up and gives me no problem.... it's always done it, especially with the UEFI BIOS which is SUPPOSED to be better.

The EP45-UD3P I had before (and is still in use in another bedroom) has similar issues to yours sometimes. You'll hit shut down in Windows and come back only to find that instead of shutting down it's booted right back into Windows.

Meh, I'm hoping they've ironed that shit out in the newer boards because aside from the quirks I <3 Gigabyte boards.

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