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Need For Speed: HEAT - Sorce - 08-20-2019

Welcome to Palm City, home of the next chapter in the Need For Speed saga.

First, the Reveal Trailer.

Now, the Gameplay Trailer.

I'm pumped. Are you?

RE: Need For Speed: HEAT - TheGeekRedneck - 10-25-2019

It looks tasty, but am I the only one a little underwhelmed by the graphics... ? I mean, I would expect them to be a little better 16 years after my jam (NFS:Underground) was released. Still, this one looks like they are swinging back towards that arcade-y gameplay I loved so much about NFS:U back in the day... Smile

RE: Need For Speed: HEAT - Sorce - 11-01-2019

Launch trailer.

I am so ready for NFS's particular brand of ricer bullshit again. Big Grin