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BBPix News... - TheGeekRedneck - 10-12-2013

I just completed an account purge over at our free image host In total well over 200 'dummy/spam' accounts were deleted.

I'd also gotten a few complaints about the BBPix watermark so I've temporarily changed it to a more generic one until I can find the time to design a new one. But make no mistake, if you're getting free image hosting from me then your pictures are going to be watermarked - plain and simple. (Of course friends and donating users have the option to disable said watermark in their accounts)

I'm also in search of a new image hosting / uploader script for the site. We're currently using the same backend script we've used for the last 5 or 6 years (Celerondude's Uploader). With the complete disappearance of CeleronDude from the internet and the lack of updates and fixes to the script it's long past time to move on to something more modern. If and when this switch takes place expect to have to sign up for a new account. However I will make absolutely certain that existing files stored on the current site remain intact and therefore your various forum links to them will continue to work as normal.

As usual I remind BBPix users that the use of our service is not a right but a privilege. Porn and illegal files are not allowed on the service and any user caught uploading such content will have their account summarily deleted without prejudice.

Thank you and enjoy. Smile

BBPix News... - Sorce - 10-12-2013

Woo Porn!