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Default Video embedding changes

As of this morning I've made the following changes to the video embedding systems we've been using here at the community:

  • The HDYT bbCode which allowed embedding of High Definition Youtube video has now been removed. This was done in response to Youtube significantly increasing the default playback quality in embedded videos. High definition versions of embedded videos can be viewed by clicking the 'HD' button in the embedded Youtube player.

  • The default width and height of embedded videos has been adjusted to a 16:9 wide format. This has been done to accomodate the increasing amount of widescreen content being published on Youtube and the other video sites.

Remember, you need do nothing special to embed video in your posts - simply post your link and our forum software will embed it for you. At the moment it recognizes over 170 different video sites so it's definitely not limited to just Youtube.

Thanks and let us know if you have any questions!
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