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Originally Posted by evildre View Post
I love my V20, but my V20 hates me. Had to reboot it 4 times today, even after pulling the SD card ... think there's a problem with the internal storage. No warranty -- device is paid off so I took the T-Mobile insurance whatever thing off it.

So ... unless I want to screw around and reboot my phone several times a day, I suppose it's time to look for a new one. Again.
Remember, if you have an Amazon account in good standing there are several phones that you can get with their 5 month payment plan. No interest, no credit checks, heck I don't think it's even treated as a line of credit.

That's how I got my current S8+, and the LG G6 before it...

For instance:

LG G6+ 128GB (this is the version with the high quality DAC added):

Orchid Gray version of the Note 8+:

And there are several others if you look around. The payment plan is 5 monthly payments - no interest, no fees, no nothing. I just now made the last payment on my s8+ this month! w00t!
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